Tourism in Drome provencale

A blend between Drome and Provence, Drome Provencale begins in the pre-alps on the east all the way to the Rhone Valley on the west. 

Come for the nougat of Montelimar, the wine of Côtes du Rhône, the pottery from Dieulefit, the truffles and olives from Nyons. Bask in the scent of herbs of Provence and lavender and enjoy the famous Picodon goat cheese. 

Relive its history by visiting the Château de Grignan, the Château des Adhémar, the Château de Suze la Rousse, the Tour de Chamaret, the Château d’Aulan, the Château and dungeon of Le Poet Laval and the Château de Rochefort in Valdaine.

Finally roam in its many markets... Drome Provencale feels like a holiday just by thinking about it.

Pictures of Drome Provencale

  • Montélimar typo3temp/pics/be204a453b.jpg Montélimar
  • Castle of Grignan typo3temp/pics/2d6eef7c32.jpg Grignan
  • Village of Valaurie typo3temp/pics/be746cf19c.jpg Village of Valaurie
  • Wineyard in Automn in Drome Provencale typo3temp/pics/9b52ff7e3f.jpg Wineyard in Automn in Drome Provencale

Holiday in Drome Provencale

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